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Find You Fall In Love

Feb 25, 2020

Often times when we feel that we are super behind in this or that it's because we are looking at only one small piece. In the grand scheme of things it's simply that we cannot see the big picture and we can't see all the things going right. Today I'm going to discuss this! 

Feb 20, 2020

I took a ride on the petty train this week and it didn't do anything positive for my mindset. Until I sat down and really started to analyze the why behind the pettiness and what the ramifications were if I continue on this particular path. So today I'm going to talk with you about taking responsibility and how...

Feb 12, 2020

Some days are hard as hell and that's okay. It's okay to NOT be okay. But I want to teach you how I get through days like this. My hope is this will save a life, either yours or someone you love because you had them listen to it. A life that is valuable and worthy. 

Know that you are loved.