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Find You Fall In Love

Nov 8, 2022

We are going to talk about some of the struggles of budgeting as an entrepreneur, what starting the candle business has meant for my finances, and how i'm planning for the next few months and prioritizing my funds. 

Oct 3, 2022

I know we started this conversation a few months back but things have gotten real now and I have worked so much on the shame and other money mindset stuff that was holding me back. Ready to follow along? 

Here is the link to the spending tracker I mentioned:

Here is the link to the...

May 26, 2020

When we sit and think about money we can often times approach everything from a negative mindset. And today I want to help you flip the script simply by changing the question that you ask yourself. 

Jun 1, 2019

This episode discusses money mindset and a quote that I heard the day before I recorded this "You all have a number that if your bank account goes above you get nervous and feel the need to spend." This hit me hard y'all and I felt compelled to discuss it. Enjoy!