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Find You Fall In Love

Oct 11, 2022

Today I wanted to connect and look back to where we started and talk about all the awesome things I want to do with this podcast. What lies ahead for our future together. We are moving toward a name change, finally, that I think will absolutely align with, not only where we came from and continue to find ourselves, but also where we are going. I'm going to leave all the old podcasts in here but a name change is coming in the next week. Budgets and boundaries will allow new people to know that this podcast isn't about relationships - well it is to a degree but that's not our main topic and will allow me to talk about more things I'm passionate about - like becoming financially independent myself and helping other women to become so as well. I hope you'll hang about but if you find yourself disconnected from this venture I wish you all of the best in your podcast travels and hope maybe you'll come back around someday.