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Find You Fall In Love

Oct 28, 2021

Today we are going to talk about what chaos is, how it affects us, and a huge epiphany I had around this idea of being a co-creator with the universe. I'm starting to fully grasp the concept and SEE more clearly what's been happening in my life. It's almost as if I've had these sun glasses on and I haven't been able to...

Oct 28, 2021

As promised, I'm sharing my income from month to month as I journey toward financial independence. This is the one for September

Oct 11, 2021

I am in the midst of a health scare and I want to share how we got to the point we are in the hopes of helping to save a life. I will keep you all up to date with biopsy results and the rest as it comes. But touch your boobies and feel your other various body parts! Deep love and hugs.