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Find You Fall In Love

Nov 21, 2022

I've spent the last two years creating and emphasizing the importance of boundaries. One of the hardest parts of creating and managing boundaries is when we have to communicate a new boundary and we get pushback from the person in question. Today I'm going to talk about a situation I just came up against and how I...

Nov 3, 2022

Sometimes in life we make changes and then realize that we have made a mistake. That happened. Let's talk more about mistakes and why i'm changing the name back to Find You Fall In Love. Thank you for your patience with me as I mess up and learn from my mistakes. Deep love to you all! 

Oct 24, 2022

You know the should's...i should eat healthy, i should exercise, i should go on dates, i should journal...all those things and all that pressure we place on ourselves to do the self care, while being a good human, while trying to be healthy, while raising a family...oh and work...sheesh! You get the idea but no wonder...