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Find You Fall In Love

Oct 24, 2022

You know the should's...i should eat healthy, i should exercise, i should go on dates, i should journal...all those things and all that pressure we place on ourselves to do the self care, while being a good human, while trying to be healthy, while raising a family...oh and work...sheesh! You get the idea but no wonder...

Oct 11, 2022

Today I wanted to connect and look back to where we started and talk about all the awesome things I want to do with this podcast. What lies ahead for our future together. We are moving toward a name change, finally, that I think will absolutely align with, not only where we came from and continue to find ourselves, but...

Oct 3, 2022

I know we started this conversation a few months back but things have gotten real now and I have worked so much on the shame and other money mindset stuff that was holding me back. Ready to follow along? 

Here is the link to the spending tracker I mentioned:

Here is the link to the...